M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex


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Exposition «Unknown» Kalashnikov»

09.11.2009 — 01.05.2010

09.11.2009 - 01.05.2010 Is prepared for ninetieth birthday of outstanding constructor and created on basis of recently declassify documents of Central Archives Ministry of Defense RF.

“Caucasus. Five Days in August”

17.03.2009 — 08.08.2009

Fighting on the side of the rebellious province South Ossetia, Russia won the five-day battle (8-12 August, 2008) with Georgia. Russia did not carry on war against Georgia state or people of Georgia. The military operation oriented to bring Georgian Government to peace came in response to the wide-scale act of aggression of Georgia, which lead to 2000 victims among civilians from Tskhinvali and neighboring Ossetian villages, tens of thousands people lost their homes and became refugees.