M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex


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“Izhevsk Hunting Guns”

19.11.2006 — 02.03.2007

The exhibition displayed the history of world-famous Izhevsk hunting weapons. The great expertise of Izhevsk masters has been exemplified by the highest quality of the guns and unique decoration. At present Izhevsk hunting guns are exhibited in 48 countries of the world, won prices in several trade shows.

“Nikonov. A Step to XXI Century”

11.08.2006 — 03.02.2007

The exhibition was devoted to 55-year anniversary of Gennady Nikolaevich Nikonov, one of the great Izhevsk arms-designers, who developed a new generation submachine gun.

“The Armourer”

14.04.2006 — 01.06.2006

Road show “The Armourer” devoted to the great Russian arms designer Evgeny Fedorovich Dragunov was launched in 2006 in the Middle Prikamie Museum of History and Culture (Sarapul).

“Arms of Triumph”

13.04.2006 — 01.08.2006

The exhibition devoted to 61-year anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War narrated about Izhevsk plants in the years of the War. The city worked hard and intense, on the most verge of human capabilities.

“The School of Armory Masterhood”

22.02.2006 — 07.08.2006

The exhibition was devoted to 50-year anniversary of the L.M. Vasev School of Armory Masterhood attached to FSUE “Izhevsky Mechanichesky Zavod”. For half of the century the school became a unique treatment center for gun experts. This is the only educational institution in Russia that remains to train personnel for a plant. Similar treatment centers are only in Ferlah (Austria ) and Zul (Germany).