M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex


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“Art Works of L.M. Vasev and His Successors”

29.10.2007 — 13.11.2007

The exhibition was devoted to 80-year anniversary of the founder of Izhevsk engraving school Leonard Mikhailovich Vasev, the outstanding expert that made a great contribution to the development of engraving masterhood in Udmurtia.

“In Honors of Russian Arms”

01.08.2007 — 01.10.2008

The exhibition was devoted to 200-year anniversary of Izhevsk arms industry. It provided a retrospective into two-century history of the industry, the milestones in its development, showed a close connection between a person and its country in arms production.

“Arms Glory of Russia – Our City Izhevsk”

01.05.2007 — 01.06.2007

The child’s creative and technical activity exhibition was devoted to 200-year anniversary of Izhevsk arms industry basing on the results of a republic competition. It involved 250 works selected out of 600 in the competition among kids of 7-18 year age.

“Ancient Firearms”

15.02.2007 — 01.05.2007

The exhibition was provided by the Armoury Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin Reserve Museum. It demonstrated a wide and various collection of products of arms schools of Russia and Germany, Turkey and England, Austria and France of XVI-XVIII centuries.