M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex



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18.08.2022 — 20.11.2022

Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibitions Complex of Small Arms together with CJSC “Tekhkrim” presents the new temporary exhibition “Cartridges, bullets and barrels”.

Small arms are not only weapons, because cartridges for them are also important. In truth, the cartridge is the base. And the growing number of combat missions forces small arms designers to constantly improve weapon systems. To increase the shooting accuracy, to create increased power and striking ability of ammunition are their main tasks. It depends on a careful approach to each of the elements of a live cartridge: the case structure, the material of the bullet and the composition of the explosive.

Today there is a wide variety of cartridges: bullet ones, shot ones, light-noise ones, etc. They differ in types and calibers and are designed for different types of military and civilian small arms. 30 years ago, the “Tekhkrim” company was established in Izhevsk. “Tekhkrim” is engaged in the production of cartridges, aerosol dispensers, hunting and traumatic guns.