M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex

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Guests from New York
Signed up for both tours, the History of AK-47 (Kalashnikov’s life history) and the medieval weapons exhibition. My tour guide (provided by museum) spoke clean and concise English, therefore I was very pleased. I recommend both tours, there is a lot of rich history here from the early stages of Kalashnikov’s life, all his accomplishments and life experiences. You will learn and have a visual of all kinds of AK’s modifications and adaptations along with an explanation. I was quite surprised with the medieval weapons exhibition. You can learn a lot of different empires weapons styles and uses. Having a visual as clean and beautiful as presented by this museum gives you an impression of greatness, individuals put so much detail to their weapons and that in itself has a lot of value. I think the Kalashnikov museum for the great opportunity to learn such great history, and my tour guide for her dedication and passion for history, art and greatness.

Merci pour cette visite du muse. 17.02.2013

I was very glad to visit your museum since I am a big fan of firearms. Best regards.

The provided information is interesting and not available from school text books. The museum has a broad range of weaponry and other associated artefacts. Charles and Elizabeth Parker. Sydney, Australia.

It was very interesting to see the “birthplace” of the Kalashnikov’s. Dec, 2

Thank you very much for the exhibition! 2.12.2011

Earl Rogers, USA
Very impressive museum. One of the finest military museums I have ever seen. 14.09.2011

Adnan Alsarabi, Jordan/USA
I really enjoyed the tour of the Kalashnikov Museum. Very interesting and educational to know the legacy of this powerful weapon and its creator. Thanks. 13.09.2011

D.Kakad, India
I saw the museum like lite-remembering moment in my life. It’s very interesting. 10.06.11

Mieke and Mathias, from Belgium
Thank you for letting us visit this beautiful museum visiting our Russian friends. This museum was the main purpose of our trip. My son had fun assembling a real “Kalashnikov” gun. It was his first time. He did not do it in 45 sec. But maybe we can visit again and he will have another try! 05.06.2011

Guest from England
A great honor to meet and see the famous designer in his home surroundings. Even better that our paths didn`t cross earlier as I was a soldier in the Danish Army – thank goodness it turned out this way – friendly and peaceful! 04.04.2011

Mohamed Sakr, Egypt
Change the world, use your weapon to protect don't use it to kill or attack. Thanks for every solider protect his country, the weak, the old. 29.03.2011

Luiz Bianco Cunha from Brazil
I had a different experience here. For me,was good. Congratulation! 12.02.2011

Guest from Zambia
Very impressed with the work that was alone by the Great man. We wish him good health. 13.11.10

Guest from India
Thank you very much for your best effort to make a big revolution of machine gun. Happy Birthday. 12.11.10

Stiv Sakse aus Halle, Johanna Bauer aus Retz, Frank Kermann aus Berlin and Maria Samojlenko aus Stavropol.
Vielen Dank fur den Besuch! Das Museum ist sehr schon und vor allem sehr interessant. Wir haben viele neue Eindrucke gewonnen. Besonders interessant ist das Schiesstand im Keller. Danke, fur das reale schiessen. Auch das Leben von Herrn Kalashnikov zu beleuchten fanden wir sehr wichtig. Alles in allem ist das Museum eine sehr gelungene Sache!

Menno Ritsema, Hank Hollano
With honour I have visited this great museum devoted to Mr.Kalashnikov. It was a very detaled history conserning this great man.

This is a wonderful exhibit! Thank you for placing some of the information in English.

Harry Demmon Pensacola, Fl. USA
I am a firearms instructor from the USA and this was a great experience for me to visit the museum. The history of the AK-47 is one I've studied a lot. Thank you for this opportunity.

Sun Francisco, CA,USA
Thank you for such an interesting exhibit on Mikhail Kalashnikov and his inventions. I particularly enjoyed learning about his childhood.

Gerry Culler Dublin, Ireland
The greatest assault weapon in military history. In Northern Ireland the “Weapon of Resistance” (AK-47) and favoured instead of the M16 by the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Greatest exhibition. 02.03.2008

Studenten aus Luneburg (Deutchland)
Wir bedanken aus fur den Interessanten Besuch im Klashnikov Museum! Izhevsk im Februar 2008

From Argentina
Mr. Kalashnikov after several decades you are still making history. My congratulations and respect to you.