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“Izhevsk: the Arms City” A monument to Izhevsk gun-makers

Izhevsk is the capital of Udmurt Republic. It is a large industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural center.

Izhevsk, the city on the river Izh, is often called  "descendant” of  St.Petersburg which influence can be  seen both in the city’s layout and in the architecture of the historic buildings.
The history of Izhevsk  dates back to the 19th century, a time when town-factories, a unique phenomenon in Russian town-planning and industry, sprang up.

Earl P. I. Shuvalov, the owner of Goroblagodatsky factories, started constructing an iron forging factory here by decree of the Senate in 1760.

The arms factory was founded by the order of Emperor Alexander I in 1807 . That fact determined the future of Izhevsk : gun-making was to make the city famous.

The excursion  starts at the dam on the river Izh. The pond formed by damming the river used to be an essential part of the arms factory. Water wheels made factory machines, mechanisms, and forge bellows work. The Izhevsk pond was the biggest artificial reservoir in Europe in the 19th century.

The main building of the arms factory located along the dam is the most important historic sight in Izhevsk. It was the first multistoried industrial building in Russia. Built in the early 19th century according to the design of St. Petersburg architect S. E. Dudin who followed the example of St. Petersburg Admiralty. Today it is one of the most important  landmarks of federal significance.

The Izhevsk arms factory was conceived at the highest state level as an enterprise with advanced industrial engineering. The idea was brought into being by the arms factory founder Oberberghauptman (head of the factory) Andrey Fyodorovich Deryabin who was a talanted manager and engineer, and a prominent figure of his time.

Foreign mechanics and builders, about two hundred gun-makers from Belgium, France and Germany were invited to work at the factory. Auxiliary work was performed by the peasant recruits. The factory had so-called “conscripted serfs” – state peasants from 54 local villages who were obliged to work at the factory.

By 1812 over 500 guns a month were being produced at the unfinished factory. 10,000 guns and 2,500 soldier broadswords were produced in 1814.

The Izhevsk arms factory was one of the biggest at the turn of the 19th century. In the middle of the 19th century Izhevsk private factories started to produce hunting weapons. It was then when the production of Izhevsk gun-makers and metallurgists became world-famous and awarded with the Silver medal at Paris exhibition in 1867, the Big Golden medal in Yekaterinburg in 1887, and the Golden medal in Paris in 1889.

By the beginning of the 20th century the steel and machine-building industries had been developed in Izhevsk, which strengthened the basis of gun-making in Russia.
The Izhevsk gun-makers made an invaluable contribution to the victory over  German fascism. During 1941-1945 Izhevsk produced 80% of all small arms manufactured in the USSR and became the real weapons forge of the nation.

In the middle of the 20th century  the Izhevsk weapon designer school was formed. It was represented by such world-famous names as М. Т. KalashnikovYe. F. Dragunov, G. N. Nikonov, and V. A. Yarygin .

Today Izhevsk is a city of mechanical engineers and metallurgists. Several local institutes and universities provide the city with specialists of high qualification.

The city is rich in cultural establishments: the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Udmurt Theater, the Russian Drama Theater, the Puppet Theater, Philharmonic Society, the circus, the Zoo, and a system of libraries.

Museums play a significant role in the cultural life of the city. The National Museum of the Udmurt Republic  presents cultural heritage of the peoples living in the region.

Art exhibitions are often  hosted at the Art Museum, the International East European University, the  Gallery “Grifon”, the Municipal Gallery, and the Exhibition centers of the Udmurtia Artists Union.

The M. T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex presents the 200 years of weapons history of Izhevsk. The exhibition demonstrates the achievements of the Russian defense industry and tells about some outstanding weapon designers.

Tourists will learn about the past and the present of Izhevsk, visit the monument of Izhevsk gun-makers, see the city’s cathedrals and churches, and have the general view of the city with its original sculptures and statuary groups.

The Svyato-Mikhailovsky Cathedral The National Museum of the Republic of Udmurtia named after Kuzebai Gerd
The Circus
The President’s Palace

The excursion lasts 5 hours (including the visit to the M. T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex).
Price: See the Price list

The “Ludorvai” Architecture and Ethnography Museum-Reserve

“Ludorvai” is an open-air museum situated 20km away from Izhevsk. The museum will be of interest to all those who are keen on learning folk culture.

Here one can see see dwellings and stables of the regonal peoples, collections of traditional clothes, and  samples of weaving and embroidery.

The visitors`  program includes tasting the popular dishes of the national Udmurt cuisine, learning about traditional occupations, folklore, everyday life, and the rites of the the Udmurt people who still profess paganism.

The excursion lasts 5 hours.
Price: See the Price list

Izhevsk Museums

M. T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex

M. T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex

M. T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex is the “youngest” museum in Udmurtia. It was inaugurated in 2004.

The main exposition is devoted to the legendary weapons designer M. T. Kalashnikov and is centered on his biography.

The exposition is divided into nominal “spaces” of life, work, and fame, which are joined together with the image of a road symbolizing the designer’s life journey. Documents from the Kalashnikov family archives, the designer’s personal belongings, awards, inventions, all the objects and other exposition means, contribute into understanding the personality of the main character and the national hero. Here modern technologies play a major role making the effect of “live presence”: from plasma screens Mikhail Timofeevich shares his feelings speaking about the key moments of his life, the war, the first steps in making the legendary gun.

The exhibition halls present exhibitions both from the museum’s fund collections and other Russian museums.

Exhibitions from the collections of the Museum-Reserve “Moscow Kremlin” and St. Petersburg Military and Historic Museum of Artillery, Engineering Corps and Signal Corps have been demonstrated. The exhibition “Caucasia. Five Days in August”  from the Central Museum of Armed Forces of Ministry of Defense of the RF is displayed at present.
M. T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex is a multifunctional establishment. The modern military shooting gallery where one can shoot from a variety of weapons, from historic to modern, from Mosin-Nagant rifle to submachine gun “Kedr”, has been gaining popularity.

The visitor can learn to shoot from a pneumatic weapon in the interactive multimedia shooting gallery “Ingul”.

Tel./fax: (3412)51-34-52
Address: Ul. Borodina, 19, Izhevsk, 426057
Opening hours: 11.00 – 19.00 except Monday
Admission fees: see the Price list
e-mail: museum-mtk@mail.ru

How to find us:
Trolley-buses N 1, 4, 7 to “Tsentralnaya Ploshchad”
Trams N 1, 2, 4, 9 to “Ulitsa Krasnogeroiskaya” and “Tsentralnaya Ploshchad”
Buses N 19, 28, 39 to “Tsentralnaya Ploshchad”

Website: http://www.museum-mtk.ru, http://www.museum.ru/M3091


The National Museum of the Republic of Udmurtia named after Kuzebai Gerd

National Museum of the Republic of Udmurtia named after Kuzebai Gerd

The National Museum is a research, educational and resource center. This is a biggest depositary of cultural artefacts and monuments of the peoples living in Udmurtia. The museum occupies the building of the former Arsenal of Izhevsk armory (a monument of architecture dating back to the first quarter of the 19th century).

The museum has unique collections of naturalistic, archaeological, and ethnographic monuments, cold steel and fire-arms, photographs and documents (over 200 thousand objects).

The exposition is arranged through a system of exhibitions telling about the nature, ancient and modern history of the land which was ancestral home for the Finno-Ugric peoples.

The museum is named after Kuzebai Gerd (real name K. P. Tchainikov, 1898-1937), an outstanding figure of the Udmurt intelligentsia of the 20th century.

The museum has a branch – memorial apartment of the Udmurt writer G. D. Krasilnikov.

Tel.: 8(3412)52-64-77 (for ordering), 52-51-66
Tel./fax: (3412)52-50-55
Address: Ul. Kommunarov, 287, Izhevsk, 426034
Opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00 except Monday

Admission fees: Schoolchildren – from 15 rub.
Adults – from 40 rub.
e-mail: nm_ur@mail.ru

How to find us:
Trolley-buses N 1, 4, 7, bus N 19
to “Tsentralnaya Ploshchad”

Website : http://www.museum.ru/M1322

Udmurt Republican Art Museum

Udmurt Republican Art Museum

The Art Museum was opened in the capital city of Udmurtia in the 1980s. The main fund (over 9,000 objects) is represented by works of Udmurt artists and craftsmen as well as Russian and Western European artists of the 18th-20th century.

The fund includes collections of graphics, painting, arts and crafts, late Russian icons, and sculpture reflecting the development of fine arts and arts and crafts in Russia in the 19th-20th century. The museum work is based on temporary exhibitions changed twice a quarter.

The exhibitions to come: “Other Stars. American-Udmurt Paradox”. Project-winner of the all-Russian contest organized by Vladimir Potanin Foundation “A Changing Museum in a Changing World”.

For news and information please visit the museum website.

Tel.: (3412) 43-18-44, 43-17-85
Address: Ul. Kirova, 128, Izhevsk, 426001.
Opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00 except Sunday and Monday

Admission fees: Schoolchildren – from 15 rub.
Adults – from 25 rub.

e-mail: urmii@mail.ru

How to find us:
From Railway Station: Trams 1, 9
From Airport: bus N 111 to the city center, then take trams N 1, 2, 4, 9

Website: http://www.urmii.ru

Municipal Exhibition Center “Galereya” (“Gallery”)

Municipal Exhibition Center “Galereya” (“Gallery”)

Municipal Exhibition Center “Galereya” (“Gallery”) actively collaborates with museums, private galleries, collectors, and creative groups from Izhevsk, Moscow, and other Russian cities.
“Galereya” is the center of modern art in Izhevsk participating in network and cultural programs and projects.

Tel./fax: 43-25-70, 43-33-68
Address: Ul. Karla Marxa, 244a, Izhevsk, 426057
Opening hours: Working days: 10-18
Sat.-Sun.: 11-17

Admission Fees: Schoolchildren – from 20 rub.
Adults – from 50 rub.

e-mail: gallery@udm.net

How to find us:
Trolley-buses N 1, 4, 7 to “Tsentralnaya Ploshchad”
Trams N 1, 2, 4, 9 to “Ulitsa Krasnogeroiskaya” and “Tsentralnaya Ploshchad”
Buses N 19, 28, 39 to “Tsentralnaya Ploshchad”

Website: http://www.gallery.udcom.ru

Architecture and Ethnography Museum-Reserve “Ilyinka” (“Ludorvai”)

Architecture and Ethnography Museum-Reserve “Ludorvai”

The open-air museum is spread out in a picturesque place 10 km from Izhevsk. It demonstrates the natural, historic and cultural environment where the Udmurt ethnos was developing as a part of the Finno-Ugric world.

The museum expositions include the complexes presenting the following local sub ethnic groups: the southern and central Udmurts, and Russian settlement “Ilyinka”. Among the museum objects are windmill “Vuko”, sacred grove “Lud”, apiary “Mushtor”, etc.

The visit program includes learning about traditional occupations, typical dwelling, arts and crafts, folklore, everyday life, and rites of the Udmurt people who still preserve their paganism.

The unique theme program with Udmurt flavour and national cuisine (perepechi, tabani with zyret) tasting is awaiting tourists.

Tel.: (3412) 55-23-23, 61-35-65
Tel./fax: 61-35-65
Museum address: GUK “AEMZ “Ludorvai”, Zavyalovsky raion, 427010, Republic of Udmurtia
Izhevsk office: National Museum named after Kuzebai Gerd, ul. Kommunarov, 287, of. 49, Izhevsk, 426004

Opening hours:
Notice: Advanced order only!
May – October: 10.00 – 18.00 (daily)
October – May: 11.00 – 15.00 (except Saturday and Sunday)

Admission fees: Adults: from 60 rub. on guided tour
e-mail: ludorvay@udm.net

How to find us:
From Izhevsk South Bus Station, buses N 109, 110 to Ludorvai village

Website: http://www.museum.ru/M3069

Tourist Service in Izhevsk

The tourists may individually choose the level of service and, accordingly, reserve transportation, hotel, and meals considering the tourist route.

Transport reservation in Izhevsk

Transportation agency “Lux auto"

Director: Dmitry Viktorovich Andreev
Service: Carriage of passengers

Address: Ul. Bummashevskaya, 7/1, of. 303 Izhevsk, 426039
Tel.:  (3412) 937-005, 937-007, 8-909-053-27-37
Tel./fax:  (3412) 937-007
e-mail: lux_auto@e-izhevsk.ru
Website: www.lux-avto.net


General Director Alexandr Lavrentievich Mrazov
Service: Carriage of passengers

Address: Ul. Bummashevskaya, 5, Izhevsk, 426039
Tel.:  (3412) 45-25-40
e-mail: was@atp2.nivad.ru


General Director Ilya Sergeevich Savostin
Service: Carriage of passengers

Address: Ul. Bummashevskaya, 5, Izhevsk, 426039
Tel.:  (3412) 44-56-57
Fax:  (3412) 449-46
e-mail: was@atp2.nivad.ru

OOO  “ATP Tourist”

 Andrey Petrovich Ilyushin
Service:  Carriage of passengers

Address:  Ul. Krasnogeroiskaya, 18, Izhevsk, 426033
Tel.:  (3412) 609-039, 674-967
e-mail:  zaft_888_zaft@mail.ru

OOO TK “Transtur”

  Victor Mikhailovich Shutov
Service:  Carriage of passengers

Address: Ul. Mayakovskogo, 11-311, Izhevsk, 426000
Tel.:  (3412) 61-53-16, 61-47-77
Mobile: 67-66-67, 55-20-10
e-mail: transtur18@rambler.ru

Hotels in Izhevsk

Hotel “Yubileinaya”

Hotel “Yubileinaya”

Hotel “Yubileinaya”

Service: 38 rooms including 3 luxury suites, 11 superior rooms, and 22 standard rooms.
The price of the room includes breakfast (300 rubles) – “smorgasbord”, excellent home cuisine.

Prices: Standard room from 2,800 rubles.

Address: Ul. Pushkinskaya, 247a, Izhevsk, 426033.
Tel.: +7 (3412) 43-50-11, 43-49-36
Website: www.u-hotel.ru


Hotel “Deryabin”

Hotel “Deryabin”

Hotel "Deryabin"

Service: 70 rooms, accommodation for children under 6 is free.

Prices: Standard room from 1,650 rubles.

Address: Ul. Krasnogeroiskaya, 107, Izhevsk, 426034.
Tel.: +7 (3412)78-16-80, 78-28-97, 51-81-14, reservation manager Olesya Rostamovna Zakiryanova
e-mail: dereabin@hotel.izhnet.ru
Website: www.deryabin-hotel.ru

Hotel “Tsentralnaya”

Hotel “Tsentralnaya”

Hotel “Tsentralnaya”

Service: 230 rooms

Prices: Standard room from 1,630 rubles.

Address: Ul. Pushkinskaya, 223, Izhevsk, 426057
Tel.: +7 (3412) 43-30-90, 56-49-75, 91-25-55
e-mail: reception@chotel.izhnet.ru

Website: www.centrhotel.ru


Hotel “Park Inn Izhevsk”

Hotel “Park Inn Izhevsk”


Hotel “Park Inn Izhevsk”

Service: 161 comfortable rooms overlooking the city’s sights. Smoking and non-smoking accommodation, rooms for people with disabilities.

Prices: Standard room from 4,000 rubles.

Address: ul. Borodina, 25, Izhevsk, 426057
Tel.: +7 (3412) 93-00-20, 93-00-10, 93-00-11
e-mail: info.izhevsk@rezidoparkinn.com

Website: www.izhevsk.parkinn.ru


Hotel “Izh Otel”

Hotel “Izh Otel”

Hotel “Izh Otel”

Service: 86 rooms

Prices: Standard room from 1,700 rubles.

Address: Ul. Frontovaya, 2, Izhevsk, 426009
Tel.: +7 (3412) 68-35-67, 68-86-88
e-mail: izhhotel@yandex.ru

Website: www.izhhotel.ru


Hotel “Telecom”

Hotel “Telecom”

Hotel “Telecom”

Service: 26 rooms (6 luxury suites, 10 semilux rooms, and 10 single rooms)

Prices: Standard room from 1,000 rubles.

Address: Ul. Dzerzhinskogo, 36, Izhevsk, 426000
Tel.: +7 (3412) 44-52-05, 44-52-08,
Fax: +7 (3412) 44-52-04
e-mail: Hotel@udm.vt.ru

Website: http://hotel.utc.ru, http://hotel-telecom.ru

Republic of Udmurtia Ministry of Internal Affairs Hotel

Republic of Udmurtia Ministry of Internal Affairs Hotel

Republic of Udmurtia Ministry of Internal Affairs Hotel

Service: 14 rooms (10 luxury suites, 4 standard rooms)

Prices: Standard room from 770 rubles.

Address: Ul. Krasnoarmeiskaya, 135a, Izhevsk, 426057
Tel./fax: +7 (3412) 78-08-30,
Hotel reservation service: +7 (3412) 78-28-62

Website: http://www.izhevskinfo.ru/sprav/hotel/mvd/index.htm

How to find us:

From railway station – trams N 1, 3, 6, 9
From Airport – bus N 111 to “Tsentr”




Cafes and restaurants in Izhevsk

“Zolotaya Gildiya”

Address: Ul. K. Marxa, 177,
Tel.: +7 (3412) 51-05-25, 51-47-61

Opening hours: 8.00 – 23.00

Russian cuisine, smorgasbord.
Minimarket open 10.00 – 19.00.
Live music. Breakfasts and meals served, smorgasbord in the evening. Speciality of the house: “Beef a-la aristocracy”, “Sheep horns”.

Cafe “Zolotaya Gildiya”Cafe “Zolotaya Gildiya”Cafe “Zolotaya Gildiya”Cafe “Zolotaya Gildiya” 

Seats: 100.


Address: Ul. Krasnoarmeiskaya, 133
Tel.: +7 (3412) 78-74-05, 78-59-43

Cafe “Italmas”Cafe “Italmas”


Address: Ul. Lenina, 19
Tel.: +7 (3412) 78-27-69
Opening hours: till 23.00. Sunday closed.
A cozy place for business appointments.

Cafe “Okaziya”Cafe “Okaziya”Cafe “Okaziya”Cafe “Okaziya”


Address: Ul. Kraeva, 35
Tel.: +7 (3412) 66-45-86, 76-45-86, 75-76-64
Opening hours: 12.00 — 1.00
Minimarket (19.00-22.00)

From May to October the service is available on the verandah seating 100 people. The restaurant seats 50 people and can hold banquets. Background music. Live music from 19.00 till 24.00. European and Chinese cuisine. Speciality of the house: Turkey with pears and “Malibu”, pork “Lavarusin”.


Seats: 50.


Address: Ul. Kommunarov, 291
Tel.: +7 (3412) 43-00-52

Opening hours: Cafe: 10.00-18.00, special service till 23.00, Sunday closed.
Minimarket: 9.00-22.00 daily, tel. +7(3412)25-16-22.
Meals ordering tel.: +7(3412)25-16-22
Background music.
Cafe “Tourist”Cafe “Tourist”

Seats: 50.


Address: Ul. Gorkogo, 68
Tel.: +7(3412)78-17-90, 78-29-01

“Kama” restaurant“Kama” restaurant