M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex


  • 100 years anniversary of the Soviet militia!
    On November 2 exhibition "People of duty and courage" occasioned with for century of creation of the Soviet militia opens in M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and exhibition complex of small arms.
  • Exhibition "Weapon of Revolution"
    From September 7, 2017 exhibition "Weapon of Revolution" devoted to centenary of the Great Russian revolution of 1917 starts it's work in M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and exhibition small arms complex.
  • Exhibition "By chisel, pen and brush ..."
    The exhibition "By chisel, pen and brush ...", devoted to the 90th anniversary of the founder of the Izhevsk school of engraving art Leonard Vasev (1927 - 1972) starts it's work from August 23 in M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and exhibition small arms complex.
  • Exhibition "Weapon through the Centuries"
    From February 16 to May 14, 2017 exhibition "Weapon through the Centuries" devoted to the main stages of development and improvement of manual firearms - from the primitive hand cannon ignited by means of a wick (the 14-16th centuries) to modern high-precision assault and sniper complexes of small arms works in Museum and exhibition complex.

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The Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms oriented to a widest audience, the expositions and exhibitions representing the arms, its elaboration and production, present an interest both for children and adults .The cognitive and educational programs, excursions and lectures have differentially structure, adjusted for interests both experts and newcomers.



Merci pour cette visite du muse. 17.02.2013


I was very glad to visit your museum since I am a big fan of firearms. Best regards.

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