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P. I. Tchaikovsky Museum-EstateThe entry to the town of VotkinskRailway station of Votkinsk


“Votkinsk – the birthplace of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky”

A monument to P. I. TchaikovskyVotkinsk is the birthplace of the genius composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

The town sprang up around the ironworks founded in 1757 by Earl P. I. Shuvalov. The place was well-chosen: local woods would provide the ironworks with firewood and charcoal for hundreds of years; cast iron from the Ural factories and the ironworks finished product were transported by the Kama river.

Merchant shipping and the Navy was quickly developing in Russia in the 18th century. In 1782 Votkinsk ironworks started to produce anchors. Rear admiral Pavel Nakhimov considered Votkinsk anchors to be the most reliable in the world.

In 1837 by the supreme decree of His Imperial Majesty lieutenant colonel Ilya Petrovich Tchaikovsky was appointed director of Kamsko-Vyatsky plant.

The work at Votkinsk ironworks (1837-1848) was the most productive period of I. P. Tchaikovsky’s life. Ilya Petrovich was a talented engineer and a wise manager; he put scientific and technical innovations into practice. Under Ilya Petrovich supervision the plant was the first among the Ural ironworks to introduce puddling, he started new productions.

Talented in many ways, Ilya Petrovich cared for culture and education development, as well as for wood preservation.
The future composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky was born on May 7, 1840. He lived in Votkinsk till he was eight. Here his character was formed; here he received the impressions that would influence his creative life. The composer himself said time and again that childhood impressions are the most vivid ones.

The tourists will visit the State Memorial Architectural Complex “P. I. Tchaikovsky Museum-Estate”. A theatrical excursion is available on advance ordering.

The excursion lasts 8 hours.

Price: See the Price list

Votkinsk Museums

The State Memorial Architectural Complex “P. I. Tchaikovsky Museum-Estate”

The Memorial Architectural Complex “P. I. Tchaikovsky Museum-Estate” is a unique architectural monument of the 19th century, an example of the gentry estate of the first half of the 19th century.

The complex includes 16 exposition objects spread out on the territory of 2.5 hectares.

The visitors will learn about the way of life of the Tchaikovsky family in Votkinsk.

The house, where the future composer spent the first eight years of his life, revives the interior, atmosphere, and traditions of the family where the genius composer was brought up.

The story of the Tchaikovsky family life in Votkinsk was closely connected with a biggest ironworks in the Urals where a talented engineer lieutenant colonel Ilya Petrovich Tchaikovsky was appointed director in 1837.

Four children of the Tchaikovsky family were born in Votkinsk: sons Nikolay, Pyotr, Ippolit, daughter Alexandra. Here ran the first years of the great composer’s life, in the atmosphere of fascinating provincial nature and paternal love that would inspire his work.

In 1940 (100 anniversary of the great composer) the museum was inaugurated in the house where Pyotr Ilyich lived the first years of his life.

The museum offers the following interactive programs and complex excursions:
* “P. I. Tchaikovsky Museum-Estate – a unique architectural monument of the 19th century”. The visitors will learn about the Tchaikovsky family way of life, life and culture of the nobility and mining and metallurgical workers in the 19th century.
Theatrical excursions:
* “A day from the life of the Tchaikovsky family” (scenes from the Tchaikovsky family life recreated with the help of the family personal correspondence).
* “Christmas in the Tchaikovsky house” (December-January). The visitors will learn how the Tchaikovsky were celebrating Christmas).

Tel.: +7 (34145) 5-17-57
Address: Ul. Tchaikovskogo, 119, Votkinsk, 427431, Udmurtia
Opening hours: 9.00-17.00. Closed on Monday.
Admission fees: Schoolchildren – from 10 rubles, adults – from 50 rubles.

How to find us:

From Bus Station: bus N 5, 11, 26 to “Ulitsa Tchaikovskogo”.
E-mail: M1819@mail.museum.ru, chaika@udmnet.ru, MPIT@bk.ru
Website: http://www.museum.ru/M1819

Votkinsk History and Culture Museum

The museum was inaugurated in 1968. It occupies a two-storey brick house built in the end of the 19th century in the town center among other architectural monuments of the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century.

Permanent exhibitions “Votkinsk – a town-factory and the culture forge” and “Concord”, temporary art and arts and crafts exhibitions, historical exhibitions, exhibitions of artists of Votkinsk, Udmurita, Russia and all over the world, exhibitions of the children’s work, music and literature soirees are held at museum five exposition halls.

Tel.: +7 (34145) 5-15-93
Address: Ul. Kirova, 5, Votkinsk, 427430, Udmurtia
Opening hours: 10.00-18.00. Closed on Sunday and the last Wednesday of the month.
Notice: Excursions only on advance ordering.

How to find us: From Izhevsk to Votkinsk by bus.
In Votkinsk: any bus to “Tsentr”.

e-mail: vmuhc@udmnet.ru.