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Collections Structure

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(as estimated on January 1, 2009)

The museum fund is made up of twelve collections according to their purpose and material.

Arms and arms accessories

Various modifications of Kalashnikov guns and machineguns, from AK to so-called “100 series”, and other weapons produced at Izhevsk plants –  rifles and carbines of Dragunov, Mosin, Simonov, and Tokarev system, modifications of Makarov, Margolin, and Yarygin pistols have become the base of the collection.

The collection possesses samples of Goryunov, Degtyarev, Maxim, and Sudaev weapons, as well as many others.

Besides military weapons, the museum has hunting weapons produced by Izhevsk state and private enterprises in the 19th – 20th century.

The sports weapons by Izhevsk mechanical and machine-building plants are also presented in the collection.


This collection is the most considerable; it contains numerous diplomas, certificates of merits, other certificates, and congratulatory addresses on M. T. Kalashnikov awardings and celebrations.

The collection of documents connected with M. T. Kalashnikov being a deputy is of special interest. It includes correspondence with ordinary people, state and non-governmental organizations devoted to solving private and state problems.


The collection mainly includes photographs representing the life of outstanding designer M. T. Kalashnikov – shots made at military units, plants, conferences, deputation sessions, at rest, and at solemn events.


The collection is made up of metal-cutting and sizing tools and machines used in production. It also contains everyday tools and articles used by the Russian people of towns and villages in the first half of the 20th century.


The collection is mainly made up of souvenirs presented to M. T. Kalashnikov in the course of years.
 It also comprises furniture from the Kalashnikov house.

Objects of art

The collection includes works of professional and amateur artists from different regions of our country (painting, graphics, hammered ironwork). It features portraits of M. T. Kalashnikov, landscapes, still lifes, scenes from military and factory’s life.

Ceramics, highly glazed pottery, glass

The collection contains dishware of the Kalashnikov family house, as well as souvenirs – floor vases and dish sets given to Mikhail Timofeevich on various occasions of holidays and anniversaries; many of them with dedicatory inscriptions.

Leather, bone, horn

The collection contains souvenirs given to M. T. Kalashnikov.


The collection contains articles of numismatics and faleristics: souvenir table medals, commemorative and souvenir buttons, awards of non-governmental organizations given to M. T. Kalashnikov on various occasions.


The collection is based on television and radio equipment that belonged to the Kalashnikov family in the course of years.

Other articles

The collection contains souvenirs: models of ships, tanks, artillery weapons, and small arms made by craftsmen for the famous designer’s anniversaries.


The “Fabric” collection is made up of M. T. Kalashnikov personal clothes and souvenirs including national costumes, table-cloths, pictures, carpets, the exclusive carpet with a portrait featuring Mikhail Timofeevich and Viktor Mikhailovich Kalashnikov among them.

The Soviet military uniform is also presented here.