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Accessible Environment

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         The Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms is ready to receive people of different mobility.

I.                   For people with low personal mobility:

1)    Parking places for transport of disabled individuals are situated near the entrance.

2)    In close proximity to the parking places there is a ramp with a “non-slip” coating.

3)    The main entrance (from Borodina Street) is equipped with a special railing.   

4)    The elevator is situated in Block B of the museum (through the service entrance).

5)    The bathroom accommodated for the disabled is located in Block B of the building.

II.                For visually impaired visitors:

1)    Braille tablets with the museum plan are installed in the hall, in the entrance hall of Block A and on the first floor of Block B.

2)    The halls of the museum are equipped with tactile walking surface indicators.

3)    The railings of the stairs are equipped with detectable warnings.

4)    A navigation system for visually impaired people is installed in the main exposition of the museum.

III.             For hearing impaired people:

1)    The ticket office is equipped with an audio induction loop “Istok A”.

2)    Groups of hearing impaired visitors (up to 10 people) can use a special sound system “Sonnet-RSM”.