M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex

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Dear guests!

         In connection with the oncoming celebrations of 100th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Kalashnikov, major repairs are being carried out in the Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms. The main exposition devoted to the legendary designer is being renovated and expanded.

         Since there is a huge interest in Kalashnikov’s life story and personality, the museum hasn’t closed for visitors for the reconstruction period. At the moment you can see the shortened version of the main exposition about life and work of Mikhail Kalashnikov on the second floor of the building in the hall for temporary exhibitions. Kalashnikov’s personal belongings, experimental and rare samples of his weapons, books, gifts and awards are presented in the showcases.

                On the first floor you can visit a new temporary exhibition about the history of Izhevsk Weapons Factory from 1807 (when the factory was founded) until 1949 (when AK-47 was adopted and began to be mass-produced).

          The ticket office, the demonstration halls (firearms, air-gun and archery ranges), the souvenir shop and the wardrobe work as usual. There is a public bathroom in each part of the building. Use the main staircase and entrance hall to get to the exhibition halls.

         We apologise for the inconvenience and hope for understanding.

We will be very happy to see you in the renovated halls of the museum in autumn, 2019 on the days of anniversary celebrations!