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Exhibition «All for front, all for Victory!»

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09.04.2010 — 31.05.2010

Was opened in 9th April 2010.
Its devoted to toilers of home front, paid a dept to the Motherland in severe years of war, and told about activity of Izhevsk arms factory , which created weapon for our army.

Izhevsk is removed from a front line on thousand kilometres, lived in a military way, as well as all country. The constant increase in volumes of output has demanded general mobilisation of able-bodied population. Shortage of men was compensated for the account of women and teenagers: every seventh worker standing at the machine tool, was younger than 16 years. By extreme efforts manufacture of rifles of Mosin at a factory № 74 by the end of 1941 has been increased from 6000 to 12000 units a day. Development of manufacture of new types of weapon, including aviation increasing very fast. In these years there were new defensive enterprises (factories № 534, № 622), in record-breaking short terms adjusted release of production necessary for front.

On exhibition samples of the aviation and shooting arms put on the conveyor in days of war are presented, among them: aviation machine guns and aeroguns, carbines, pistols, Degtyaryov’s PТRD anti-tank gun, an easel machine gun “Maxim” and others. Photos of cases, shops, conveyor manufacture, the workers-teenagers who are carrying out assemblage, give evident representation about working conditions of the Izhevsk factories in a wartime when the city really became a weapon smithy of the country, having given to front about 80 % of the shooting and aviation arms made in the USSR during this period. To plunge into an epoch of “fortieth” and the chronicle of military years which will be projected on the big screen will help environment complexes.

Emotionally supplement a picture of memoirs of veterans which are invaluable certificates of an epoch, reflect the validity through personal perception.

Exhibition works until the end of May 2010.

Price: adults — 40 rub., children — 20 rub.

Museum opens from 11.00 till 19.00, day off – Monday.