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Exposition «Unknown» Kalashnikov»

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09.11.2009 — 01.05.2010

Is prepared for ninetieth birthday of outstanding constructor and created on basis of recently declassify documents of Central Archives Ministry of Defense RF.

In the focused view on of the most important period in the life of Kalashnikov, associated with innovated activity in near Moscow firing ground , including the history of АК-47 creation. Unbeaten solidity and reliability of gun that is undoubtedly proof of technical genius of constructor. Documental material about creation of АК-47 , archival documents that explain us all the details of  1944-1947 years competition, evidences of real participants of events that submitted are an incontrovertible arguments against insulting conjectures that called in question Kalashnikov authorship in creation of legendary gun.

Also the other themes were touched: public and private activity of constructor , his world-view, point of view of Kalashnikov on modern history events.

 Multimedia form of exhibition includes memories of Kalashnikov . Here also produced video materials about him by the main modern politicians of RF.

The exhibition works until the end of May 2010.