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“Artillery in Miniature”

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10.11.2005 — 01.12.2005

The Exhibition of Saint Petersburg Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineering and Signal Corps.
The unique collection was prepared by graduates of Artillery Technical School founded in 1821; the exhibition presents samples of nearly all artillery types from most of countries in Europe and Asia.

The miniatures were mobile and functioning and made in compliance with production technologies and processes of combat models.
The collection consisting of 70 items including models of field, siege, mountain, marine ordnance and field artillery column (ammunition wagons, arms and ordnance carriages with sculptures of horses and roads, marching forge shop, registry and treasury), was exhibited in the Museum and Exhibition Complex and some of the exhibits were demonstrated in action.

Evolution of a wide variety of cannons, howitzers, mortar guns was displayed from the end of ХVIII century to the last third part of XIX century.