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“Ancient Firearms”

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15.02.2007 — 01.05.2007

The exhibition was provided by the Armoury Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin Reserve Museum.

It demonstrated a wide and various collection of products of arms schools of Russia and Germany, Turkey and England, Austria and France of XVI-XVIII centuries.

The exhibited arms with luxurious decoration made of gold, silver, pearl and jewels showed both design and art-design progress and the history of Russia and its diplomatic relationships during tree centuries.

The samples included a firelock hunting arquebus manufactured at the Armoury Chamber in 1692 and owned by Peter I; the gun is decorated with engraving, incrustation, carving, polishing, dressing, silver cutting; a child’s firelock manufactured in XVIII century in Saint Petersburg for Emperor Peter Fedorovich with using forging and casing processes, and wood cutting; a cartridge box decorated with silver plates and jewels owned by boyar Bogdan Hkitrovo who served as Head of the Armoury Chamber for many years. 

In total about 150 exhibits were presented.

In addition to samples, plasma panels showed documentaries about the Moscow Kremlin Armoury Chamber and an interactive game provided information about Tsar and Emperor arms, hunt suit and equipment, hawking and venery.