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“In Honors of Russian Arms”

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01.08.2007 — 01.10.2008

The exhibition was devoted to 200-year anniversary of Izhevsk arms industry.

It provided a retrospective into two-century history of the industry, the milestones in its development, showed a close connection between a person and its country in arms production.

History of arms is not only a sequence of the development and sample tests, but also an interweaving of history of the country, arms and personal work.

Arms world and history of Russia were showcased by means of numerous documents, photos, personal belongings, arms samples, tooling, machines and factory facilities; the exhibition provided a wide range of arms manufactured at Izhevsk plants during two centuries: from a firelock gun and to Mosin rifle, from first samples of automatic weapon and to Kalashnikov gun; sniper rifles, “Bizon” machine pistol, “Gratch” pistol, Nikonov submachine gun “AN-94”, as well as new modifications of hunting guns: “Saiga” carbine, guns with exclusive engraving.

Multimedia facilities supported information and emotional effect and attracted many visitors of different age and interest areas.