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“Art Works of L.M. Vasev and His Successors”

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29.10.2007 — 13.11.2007

The exhibition was devoted to 80-year anniversary of the founder of Izhevsk engraving school Leonard Mikhailovich Vasev, the outstanding expert that made a great contribution to the development of engraving masterhood in Udmurtia.
His creative activity is closely related to Izhevsk arms plants.

The exhibition showed not only the master’s engraving works, but also his scenery and graphics, portraits, depictures of animals and birds. It also demonstrated works of his students and successors – talented engravers V.M. Beloborodov, Y.S. Blinov, A.A. Peredvigin, Y.I. Kropachev, G.N. Makarov. Their works have been shown several times at Russian and International exhibitions and won honorary awards. 

The exhibition involved also works of yang makers following the tradition of their teachers.