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”Tsar Hunt”

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01.10.2008 — 01.02.2009

The exhibition was based on collections of Moscow Kremlin museums. It was devoted to the famous ploy of Russian Tsars and Emperors. Tsar hunt was an essential part of the court ceremonial, it was of great concern in diplomatics and aimed at demonstration to the lieges and foreign guests of the luxury, royalty, authority and power of the monarchs.

The exhibition presented a part of the famous collection of memorials kept in the Armoury Chamber. Up to XVIII century Moscow Kremlin was the place where court orders with regard to hunting were kept. And there, in the Kremlin workshops, hunting guns and equipment for Russian Tsars were made.

The exhibition showed relics related to various kinds of hunt and witnessing the habits and personal preferences of Russian Monarchs: Mikhail Fedorovich, Alexey Mikhailovich, Alexey Michailovich, Peter II, Anna Ioanovna, Elizaveta Petrovna, Peter III, Ekaterina II.
It demonstrated individual wardrobe items, hunting accessories, march equipment: jupe of emperor Peter II, marching hearth of Elizaveta Petrovna, pendants decorated with jewels, a glove, hawking horn; arms manufactured at various Russian and European centers: arquebus, arbalest, musketoon, carbine, pistols; cold weapon decorated with cutting, engraving, incrustation; horse finery – elegant saddles, horsecloth, harness.

In general, the exhibition made bright view of solemn hunting excursion of a Rusian Tsar in XVII-XVIII centuries.
In addition to the exhibits, information terminals provided details of Tsar and Emperor armor, hunt suit and equipment, hawking and venery, while plasma panels showed an interactive game enabling kids and adult to collect puzzles on historical subjects.
Thanks to this museum project dwellers of Udmurt Republic had a rare opportunity to get familiar with national relics, masterpieces of the Russian historic and cultural heritage in Izhevsk.