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New temporary exhibition entitled: “Space: Science and Life”

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Space has attracted humanity for many centuries. And scientists have turned the dream into theory. But the defense industry workers were the ones able to put it into practice. On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space the Kalashnikov museum presents a new exhibition entitled “Space: Science and Life”.

The first steps into space were made on earth! Scientists and designers of research institutes, engineers and workers of defense enterprises – a lot of people were involved in the process of making space flights not only a dream but reality! Izhevsk Motor Plant created equipment for calculating the trajectory of space flights. Izhstal produced heat-resistant alloys. INITI developed control equipment. Izhevsk enterprises have made a significant contribution to future flights.

The enthusiasm of the new space age first years gave rise to an incredible amount of “earthly” goods with space names: a razor “Sputnik” (eng. – Satellite) and a clock “Raketa” (eng. – Rocket), a vacuum cleaner “Saturn” and a radio “Sirius”, motorcycles “Izh Jupiter” and “Izh Planeta” (eng. – Planet). Space has entered our lives. Its influence can be seen everywhere: songs, films, stamps, coins, science fiction and electronic music!

M.T. Kalashnikov was personally acquainted and was friends with the astronauts. Many of them visited our museum. And Mikhail Timofeevich even received congratulations on his 90th birthday from the cosmonauts directly from the orbital station!

The space exhibition opened at the Kalashnikov Museum on March 18. Visitors will be able to see unique exhibits provided by the Yu. A. Gagarin Research & Test Cosmonaut Training Center and the defense enterprises of Izhevsk. Exhibition also helps to remember the different stages of space exploration through the objects of everyday Soviet life.