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Machine Gun History Exhibition

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11.02.2021 — 18.04.2021

The new exhibition entitled “Machine Gun History” was open at the Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms on February 11.

Sixty years ago, in 1961, the General-Purpose Kalashnikov machine gun (PK) and its modifications were adopted by the Soviet Army. According to military historians, the introduction of the machine gun complex provided the Kalashnikov system with a significant monopoly in the Soviet arsenal. Modern military experts consider the PK one of the most reliable, efficient and easy-to-use machine guns. The PK and its modifications are still in production and are in service with dozens of armies of the world.

The PK is just one chapter in the world machine gun history. The exhibition is going to be full of really interesting contradictions: from a light machine gun weighing just over five kilograms and a versatile heavy anti-aircraft DShK weighing 157 kilograms.

The exhibition will run until April 18, 2021.