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Jubilee Collectible Guns

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08.10.2020 — 06.12.2020

From October 8, 2020, the Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms presents collectible shotguns created for significant dates in the history of the country.

The work on the unique guns allowed the Izhevsk masters to showcase their talents and skills, to combine Russian and Udmurt patterns, portrait and landscape, ideological and psychological perception of the world.

It is fair to say that the exhibition presents a genuine collection of masterpieces: from the famous “Montreal” gun, created for the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution, to the “Proud Russia” gun, created in 2019.

This is another museum project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the statehood of Udmurtia. Moving from showcase to showcase, you can remember all the stages of the formation of the Udmurt Republic and enjoy the masterworks of the weapons arts. The new exhibition will run until December 6, 2020.