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  «I see the target» is a sniper’s short report. For Evgeniy Dragunov, this was also a life plan: to see the target, to have an aim in life and try hard to achieve it. This is how one should interpret the name of the new exhibition devoted to 100th anniversary of birth of Soviet and Russian weapons designer Evgeny F. Dragunov.

The solemn opening of the exhibition was attended by the engineer’s relatives, colleagues – honoured veterans of weapons production, as well as his students. The ceremony started with the greeting speech of Tatyana Tchurakova, the Minister for Social Policy and Labour of the Udmurt Republic, Olga Minervina, the director of the Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms, Aleksey Baryshnikov, the member of the Union of Paratroopers of the Udmurt Republic. The first tour was given by Lada Mikhailova, the head of the Department of Exhibitions, and Mikhail Dragunov, son of the legendary weapons designer, hereditary Izhevsk gunsmith, the Honoured Scientist of the Udmurt Republic.

The new exhibition presents various samples and modifications of the Dragunov sniper rifle, including the experimental sample of SVD mod. 1962, experimental and service samples with folding buttstocks, SVD with an optic device and the experimental weapon named “Finval” chambered for the cartridge with an arrow-shaped bullet.

The most distinctive commemorative exhibits include Evgeniy Dragunov’s sporting rifles, the small size Dragunov assault rifle named MA and developments of his sons and colleagues – Mikhail Dragunov and Aleksey Dragunov. One of the showcases presents Tiger and Medved hunting carbines. Among the exhibits one can see rare documents, memoirs of his colleagues, records of proving ground tests, personal things and rare photos.

The exhibition “I See the Target” will work until May 10, 2020.