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  Another significant event occurred in the Kalashnikov Museum on May 23, 2019. A film crew of Izhevsk film director Egor Kupriyanov set up within the walls of the museum complex: the entrance hall became a film location, and the guests of the museum became background actors. Eventually, a duel scene between female spies was filmed under the guidance of Ivan Plotnikov, the ideological inspirer of the studio of artistic fencing “Udmurt Danlyk”.

The part of the British spy known under the names of Astraea and Agent 160 was performed by Irina Rozhina, a student of the Udmurt Republican College of Culture, and Lada Mikhailova, the head of the exposition department, performed the part of the French spy Jeanne de la Motte, also known as the Countess de Saint-Remy or the Count Gaches.

Filmmaking process was a special gift for the guests of the opening ceremony of the new exhibition “Weapons of Movie Heroes”. The exhibition features most effective weapons that movie heroes used: a trombone pistol, Colt M1911, Mauser C96, the Lewis automatic machine gun, MG-34, the Kalashnikov assault rifle, Stechkin pistol and much more. In the exhibition space our guests can watch episodes of thematic films and take pictures with their favourite movie heroes.

Hurry up as the exhibition will work for a month only!