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The exhibition “The Cossacks of Kuban”

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  The exhibition “The Cossacks of Kuban” based on the funds of the Krasnodar State Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve was opened in the Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms.  

The special guests of the exhibition were Eduard Lavrov, the Head of the Committee of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Udmurt Republic, Cossack Colonel Anatoliy Seroshtanov, representatives of the Union of Cossacks in the Udmurt Republic, honourable guests, students of Cossack cadet classes in Izhevsk.

Olga Minervina, the director of the museum, welcomed the guests of the event and stressed the fact that the family of the legendary designer Mikhail Kalashnikov came from the village of Otradnoye, which was founded in 1857 and became a part of the Kuban Cossack Host.

The first tour about the traditions, culture and military glory of the Kuban Cossacks was given by Yury Bunin, a researcher of the Krasnodar State Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve.

We express our gratitude to Arseniy Mikhailov, the Cossack folk ensembles “Slavic tunes” and “Zorenka” for their masterly performance.