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The exhibition «Special Forces»

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  A new exhibition devoted to Special Forces of the Udmurt Republic was opened in the Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex on the 29th of November, 2018. The exhibition is dedicated to the history of Special Forces in the Udmurt Republic and is, in fact, another exhibition project within the series of projects created together with representatives of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation in the Udmurt Republic.

The exhibition was opened with an anthem to courage and heroism performed by a retired colonel of internal service, a veteran of military operations in Chechen Republic, a prize winner of music contests Alexander Novgorodtsev.

Students and graduates of school № 97 under the leadership of Pavel Volkov, Major of the Internal Service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation in the Udmurt Republic, demonstrated fighting skills and a military dog training tricks.

The director of the museum complex Olga Minervina expressed gratitude to everyone who took part in the creation of the exhibition, and stressed that this exhibition was first of all devoted to those people who risking their lives did their duty selflessly serving their Motherland.

The exhibition will run until February, 2019.