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The exhibition «Companions-in-arms»

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08.11.2018 — 18.02.2019

The exhibition “Companions-in-arms” is devoted to the history and achievements of the design group under the leadership of Mikhail Kalashnikov in the 1950s.

During this period Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant launched mass production of Kalashnikov assault rifles. Meanwhile the AK was being modernized. That was a remarkable period in the history of Izhevsk weapons construction. It gave birth to a creative team of young designers, who became friends and heroes of our new exhibition: Vladimir Krupin, Vitaly Pushin, Valery Kharkov, Alexey Kryakushin, Livadiy Koryakovtsev. Brilliant design ideas, born in the minds of the talented youth, were embodied in metal by experienced mechanicians Pavel Bukharin, Yevgeny Bogdanov and Galey Gabdrakhmanov.

Those were the years of creative growth, youthful idealism, loyal friendship and faith in the bright future of our country. “We were flying like birds. It seemed we had no barriers before us, and would never have, and whatever enterprise we undertook, we would undoubtedly succeed,” recalled Kalashnikov later.

The exposition is based on authentic photographs, documents and personal belongings of Kalashnikov team members. The exhibition presents various models of small arms, technical documents and drawings. The guests of the museum will have an opportunity to see video interviews and old Soviet filmstrips. Prices and activities to be held in our museum within the framework of the exhibition will be placed in our information kiosk.

The exhibition will work until February 18, 2019.