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The exhibition «Mikhtim – the Planet of Creativity».

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06.09.2018 — 04.11.2018

Within the framework of events dedicated to 100th anniversary of Mikhail  Kalashnikov the museum presents the exhibition project named “Mikhtim – the Planet of Creativity”.

In modern life scientific and technical creativity is the basis of innovative activity. Nowadays, when the government’s strategy is aimed at an innovative way of economic and technology development, the support of children’s and young people’s technical creativity is more urgent than ever. For several years the Kalashnikov Museum realizes a network project aimed at supporting young inventors. The number of project participants is growing every year and has reached a total of 200 people. Among them are students of secondary schools, students of Izhevsk State Technical University, students of various scientific centers, including Kvantorium, “Mechanic” and others.

Providing its exhibition grounds to young designers and inventors, the Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex gives them an opportunity to show their talent in Udmurt Republic and all over the world. An exhibition of this kind can trigger a successful scientific career.

Attraction of the purposeful, initiative and perspective youth is one of the main strategic tasks of the personnel policy of any successful enterprise. Therefore, the leading enterprises of Izhevsk, including Concern “Kalashnikov”, “Kupol” and Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, show genuine interest to the contest and exhibition.

The main nominations of technical inventions participating in the contest are military equipment, radio electronic devices, household appliances, table games, vehicles, architectural objects.

Within the framework of the exhibition workshops on various types of technical creativity, meetings with leading designers, lectures with demonstration of various devices and mechanisms, chemical experiments and physical experiments prepared by the employees of the Laboratory of Scientific Entertainments will be held.