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Wood Carving Exhibition

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06.07.2018 — 02.09.2018

For more than 40 years Alexander Borzov has been involved in wood carving. He has mastered this craft to perfection and now he can make almost everything from wood. The main direction in his creative work is artistic cold steel arms. The skilful carver creates amazing sculptural compositions with a forged blade made from Damascus steel, carved handles, decorated with Tula incrustation.

More than 30 decorative panels performed in various techniques are presented in the exposition. In their work the craftsmen masterly combine various wood species! Exotic tree species, such as mahogany, amaranth and boxwood give specific colouring to these objects. The carved chessboard is a unique exhibit: each chess piece is made in the shape of hunters and beasts.

Exhibition space provides a zone imitating a terrace of the XIXth century where visitors can immerse in the atmosphere of that epoch and take pictures.