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The exhibition “Everyday life and holidays of the Soviet Izhmash”

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The exhibition devoted to the history of Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant of the late Soviet period opens in M.T. Kalashnikov museum and exhibition complex of small arms.
The creators of the exhibition provide the product of the “Izhmash” during its highest blossoming – the 1970th years. By this time Izhmash included six independent productions – machine-assembling (weapon), tool, metallurgical, machine-building, motorcycle and automobile. On the scales the plant was included into ten largest enterprises of the Soviet Union, and according to the nomenclature of products the plant was the unique in the country. Izhmash became truly the city-forming enterprise.
Materials on history of policlinic, palace of culture, summer camps and kindergartens of Izhmash is also presented at the exhibition. Unique exhibits provide public life of the plant rich with events and activity of the labor union organization, party and Komsomol organizations.
The basis of exposure was formed by personal belongings, documents and original photos of workers of Izhmash of the 1970th years.
The exhibition will work till May 16.