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Exhibition “People of duty and courage”

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02.11.2017 — 01.02.2018

On November 2 exhibition “People of duty and courage” occasioned with for century of creation of the Soviet militia opens in M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and exhibition complex of small arms.

Creators of the exhibition present history of formation and development of Internal Affairs Agencies of our country from the moment of their creation on November 10, 1917 and till nowadays.

The main thing in any profession is people. The staff of city and regional departments of militia of the Udmurt Republic became heroes of the exhibition: fighters of the first groups of national militia, participants of the Great Patriotic War, local police inspectors of the 70th years and modern police officers. Original documents, memoirs, personal belongings and weapon narrate about people of duty and courage. The exhibition is accompanied by film frames from the popular Russian movies which created unique image of the Soviet militiaman.

Visitors of the exhibition are able to get acquainted with materials of the most high-profile criminal cases, to see samples of weapon and  uniform of the Soviet militiaman of different years, unique devices of forensic experts, to create a facial composite by means of the special program.  The real militia motorcycle with carriage “Ural” near original equipment of the GAI inspector is provided for those who want to make photo.

The exhibition will work till February, 2018.