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Exhibition “AK-47. 70 years in the service of Fatherland”

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09.11.2017 — 18.02.2018

Exhibition “AK-47. 70 years in the service of Fatherland”

11/9/2017 — 2/25/2018

Exhibition “AK-47. 70 years in the service of Fatherland” is the first among the anniversary events devoted to the forthcoming 100th anniversary of M.T. Kalashnikov.

The basis of exhibition is made by unique collection of prototypes of assault rifles from collection of the Military-historical museum of artillery, engineer and signal corps (St. Petersburg city).

The presented samples were developed by Russian weapon designers during 1944-1947 in the course of a number of competitions on creation of individual automatic small arms therefore legendary AK-47 of weapon designer Mikhail Kalashnikov was passed into service.

All prototypes of assault rifles are manufactured in the single copy and they are exhibited all together in one place for the first time.

Visitors can get acquainted not only with samples of competitors, but also with intermediate samples of the assault rifles of Kalashnikov, follow the evolution of the glorified weapon from the first drawings to the embodiment.

Archival materials on polygon tests of future AK-47 and its competitors and also serial samples of weapon of M.T. Kalashnikov with which many generations of soldiers of the Soviet period and the Russian army served are presented for the first time.

The exhibition will be available to visit till February 25, 2018.