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The exhibition “By chisel, pen and brush …”

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The exhibition “By chisel, pen and brush …”, devoted to the 90th anniversary of the founder of the Izhevsk school of engraving art Leonard Vasev (1927 – 1972) starts it’s work from August 23 in M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and exhibition small arms complex.

In the world of weapon artists Leonard Vasev is known first of all as the master who revived technology of multi-color engraving of steel by precious metals and their alloys and developed the unique engraving technology imitating a hoarfrost pattern, named “Frost”. School of gun skill formed in 1956 at the Izhevsk mechanical plant has the name of Leonard Vasev.
The legendary hunting gun Izh-54 manufactured by Vasev for the World Fair EXPO-67 in Montreal and devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Great October revolution is presented at the exhibition.
Vasev’s sketches and drawings, watercolor miniatures and other artworks are presented for the first time. Visitors of the exhibition can see also personal belongings of the master – sketchbook, the personal hunting gun of L. Vasev, the engraving tools brought by him from Germany in 1946, the cigarette case engraved by Leonard Vasev in the period of the Great Patriotic War.