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Exhibition “AN-94 “Abakan”: superiority weapon”

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22.06.2017 — 20.08.2017

Exhibition “AN-94 “Abakan”: superiority weapon”

Experimental assault rifles of the best Russian armorers from cities of Tula, Klimovsk and Izhevsk.
Not remarkable river “Abakan” in Khakassia gave the name to competition for creating assault rifle, which was carried out in the begining of eighties years.

Design groups of leading weapon centers of the country became participants: cities of Tula, Izhevsk, Kovrov, Klimovsk. Within the competition the new highly effective assault rifle which had to surpass AK-74 in 1,5-2 times must be developed. Izhevsk weapon designer Gennady Nikonov with assault rifle AN-94 became the winner.

Nikonov managed to creat assault rifle unequalled anywhere in the world on the firing accuracy.

The exhibition is associated with the 20th anniversary of passing into service of assault rifle of Nikonov AN-94.
Visitors of thr exhibition will be able to get acquainted with experiment assault rifles of the best Russian weapon designers: double-barreled assault rifle of P. Tkachyov, I. Stechkin’s “bullpup”, assault rifle of G. Korobov with high rate of fire.
The special interactive program will allow visitors to see the assault rifle from inside and to understand configuration of the assault rifle of G. Nikonov AN-94.

The exhibition will work till August 20, 2017.