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Exhibition “History of the Russian military uniform”

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From March 23, 2017 to June 18, 2017 the exhibition from History of military uniform museum works in Museum and exhibition complex of M. T. Kalashnikov.

A part of the unique collection formed throughout three centuries is presented in Izhevsk for the first time. More than 150 exhibits tell about the main eras of history of the Russian army and fleet. Visitors have opportunity to see the well-known green uniforms with “cocked hats” of the period of Peter The great, the elegant and richly decorated uniforms of courageous hussars of the XIXth century,military pointed helmets, called Budenny caps, and overcoat worn by Red Army soldiers during the Civil war, a daily and full dress uniform of various branches of military service of Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Soviet Army. Along with military uniform combat samples of weapon and munition are shown at the exhibition (from the funds of museum and exhibition complex).

Separate subject of the exhibition is history of uniform of cadet corps and Suvorov Military Schools pupils. Young visitors can visualise how their agemates who devoted themselves to military service in the 19-20th centuries looked.

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