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Space Izhevsk

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"Space Izhevsk" is the exhibition devoted to the 55th anniversary of flight of the first person in space. It opens on March 17, 2016 in Small Arms museum and exhibition complex of M. T. Kalashnikov.

The well-known history of landing of dog Zvezdochka (Star), become local legend, the country's first museum of cosmonautics, and our Izhevsk plants which equipment provided flight of the first satellite of Earth, the first person in space and almost all subsequent space programs. Izhevsk still continues to remain one of the advanced centers of production of complex space technique. It will be possible to see "a black box" of the spaceship "Buran" (Snow-storm) , the navigation equipment, devices of onboard systems of spaceships and satellites at the exhibition.

The exhibition will tell about many important achievements of our country in space exploration.  There will be space suits and flight suits of astronauts, experimental samples of space equipment, models of spaceships, space food from funds of Memorial Museum of Astronautics (Moscow city) at the exhibition. 

One more subject of the exhibition is long friendship of the famous designer M. T. Kalashnikov with the Center of training of astronauts. In 2009 the astronauts from the International space station have congratulated the famous designer with the 90th anniversary.

The interactive zone of the exhibition will acquaint young visitors with features of work in space. They will be able to perform some "space" operations.

The exhibition will open on March 17 and will work till June 10, 2016.