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Exhibition “Let’s recall Afghanistan!”

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In M. T. Kalashnikov museum and exhibition complex of small arms the exhibition “Let’s recall Afghanistan!”, devoted to the 26th anniversary of withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan opened at 16.00 on December 03, 2015. The basis of the exhibition is made by the exhibits from funds of Central Armed Forces Museum of the Russian Federation, Moscow city, which came to the museum during military operations in Afghanistan and a withdrawal of Russian troops, and also materials of members of society “Fighting Brotherhood” of Udmurtia.

Among exhibits there are weapon, regimentals, equipment of the Soviet troops, trophy things. The camouflage suit of the first commandant of Kabul city colonel Yu.I. Dvugroshev which activity was estimated by the opponent originally opens the exhibition: “In ten days after appointment they gave 800 thousand Afghani for my head. In a week they offered already 1 million 200 thousand”.

Undoubtedly, the Afghan clothes of the member of a special unit S. V. Kozlov will draw attention of visitors. The scout remembered: “One of ways to hide information on departure of group and the direction of its movement to the preset area was use of national clothes. It allowed scouts “to be dissolved” in unusual to us east environment”.

The subjects of great interest are units of uniform, clothes and equipment, generally nominal, belonging to Heroes of the Soviet Union: experimental Army Combat Uniform for areas with hot climate of guard lieutenant colonel Yu.V. Kuznetsov, field-type single-breasted coat of the captain I. N. Ploskonos. Many of these subjects bear the impress of war – for example, the groundsheet of guard sergeant I.V. Chmurov participating in combat operations in the Pandzhshersky gorge has numerous holes from bullets.

The separate section of the exhibition is made by collection of the trophy weapon – from ancient guns with flint lock to models of production of the western countries.

The emotional spirit and atmosphere of severe everyday life of our military personnel are transferred by pictures from the cycle “Afghan Reporting” of the National artist of Russia, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts N.N.Solomin who repeatedly came to Afghanistan.

Exhibition “Let’s recall Afghanistan!” will continue the work till March, 2016.