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Exhibition “Father of the Russian assault rifle V. Fyodorov and his pupils”

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On November 19, 2015 opening of an exhibition “Father of the Russian assault rifle V. Fyodorov and his pupils” at 16.00 in museum and exhibition complex of M. T. Kalashnikov.
     The exhibition is devoted to outstanding armorers-designers of the 1st half of the XX century: V. Fyodorov, V. Degtyaryov and G. Shpagin who became founders of Russian school of design of the automatic weapon.
     Very few people from our contemporaries know that the Russian designer created the first-ever assault rifle as the weapon of new type. Vladimir Fyodorov, the graduate of Mikhaylovskaya Artillery Academy, then the talented designer and the theorist of weaponry became his developer (exactly his book “Bases of the construction of the automatic weapon” found by wounded fighter M. Kalashnikov in hospital library was theoretical help for the beginning designer).
     Personal materials of armorers will be presented at the exhibition: V. Fyodorov, V. Degtyaryov and G. Shpagin, well-known samples of their weapon. Including – the very first in the world Fyodorov’s assault rifle designed in 1916, which defined the whole direction of development of small arms for many decades ahead; infantry, tank and aircraft machine guns of Degtyaryov, and also – a large-caliber 12,7-mm machine gun of joint development of Degtyaryov and Shpagin – DShK, it’s power caused huge damage to equipment and manpower of the opponent in days of the Great Patriotic War which further received unprecedented popularity – it was in service in more than forty armies of the world.
     Visitors will see also legendary submachine guns of Degtyaryov and Shpagin (PPD and PPSh) which became Victory symbols.
     The exhibition is created in close cooperation with the Kovrov historical and memorial museum, V. A. Degtyarev Plant (Kovrov city, the Vladimir region); the historical museum of Vyatskiye Polyany town (Kirov region); with the active help of the Military-historical museum of artillery, engineer and signal corps (St. Petersburg); Tula state university and ISTU.
     Representatives of Kovrov historical and memorial museum and historical museum of Vyatskiye Polyany town will be present at opening of the exhibition.
     The exhibition will work till February 20, 2015.