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Exhibition “Izhevsk Pneumatic Weapon”

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Home » News » News »  Exhibition “Izhevsk Pneumatic Weapon”

In the holiday Day of Armorer, on September 19, 2015, opening of exhibition "Izhevsk Pneumatic Weapon" will take place at 12:00 in Museum and exhibition complex of small arms of M. T. Kalashnikov.
They were and remain in each shooting gallery of the country! The well-known Soviet rifles IZh-22, IZh-38 and their successor MR-512 neatly nicknamed by  people "murka"; the legendary pistol MR-654K and the rifle "Junker" which people like for external similarity to Makarov's pistol and the Kalashnikov's assault rifle.
All these models were created in Izhevsk, the pneumatic weapon is produced here from the 30th years of the XX century. The largest Russian producer of pneumatic weapon is still Izhevsk mechanical plant.
Evolution of Izhevsk pneumatic weapon will be visually followed, their founders, the well-known weapon designers of Izhmech will be shown at the exhibition.
The experimental pneumatic rifles and pistols which were not mass produced will be exhibited for the first time: the rifle IZh-66 with the design of the American rifle M-16, pistol MR-654 with personal identification of the owner of the weapon and many other samples, each of which has it's peculiarity in design and unusual look.
Now the range of Izhevsk pneumatic weapon totals more than 50 models – for entertaining, sports shooting and even for hunting. It is possible to see the newest developments of Izhevsk pneumatic weapon at the exhibition.
The exhibition will work till the end of November, 2015.