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Exhibition “Marshal D. Ustinov”

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On September 3, 2015  the exhibition "Marshal D. Ustinov" opens in Museum and exhibition complex of M. T. Kalashnikov.

D. Ustinov was the politically exposed person of the Soviet state who devoted himself to business of strengthening of defense capability of the country for many decades. Since 1984 Izhevsk had a name of D. Ustinov. In 1987 the new district of the city was called by the name of the Marshal.

Despite of secrecy of some subjects, it was succeeded to collect the volume and objective material opening a role which was played by D. Ustinov in our country, about his connections to Izhevsk.

The exhibition is created on the materials provided by D. Ustinov's family, the State Historical Museum, Central Armed Forces Museum of the Russian Federation, the National museum of the Udmurt Republic of Kusebaja Gerd, the Central state archive UR, the Center of documentation of the contemporary history UR, the museums of Izhevsk machine-building and Izhevsk Mechanical plants, the State technical university of M. T. Kalashnikov.

The exposition includes original documents and subjects, greeting cards from politicians L. Brezhnev and Yu. Andropov, the photo and personal belongings of D.Ustinov, among which there is a uniform of the Marshal of the Soviet Union. Gifts to Dmitry Fedorovich are presented, including the hunting gun from the government of Czechoslovakia and a gift panel in the form of a dish from Indira Gandhi.

D. Ustinov's life was connected with our city for many years. He did practical work during study in the Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute at Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant. During war, the people's commissar Ustinov visited our plants more than once. And after the war D. Ustinov  was elected the Deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR from workers of Udmurtia 7 times. There was a social development of the city, the television tower, opera and ballet theater, recreation centers were constructed, a trolleybus park, new houses and many other things appeared thanks to D. Ustinov.

"The automobile works was his child. From the birth of a plan and to the organization of the first-class enterprise to the international measures" - B. F. Fayzulin, the honourable veteran of association "Izhmash". Very few people remember and even knows that the automobile plant appeared in Izhevsk thanks to D. Ustinov.

Also visitors can see the Jupiter-1 motorcycle. According to contemporaries: "Dmitry liked fast driving and drove on the motorcycle more than once". At the suggestion of D. Ustinov production of motorcycles was revived again in Izhevsk.

The exhibition will continue the work to the middle of November, 2015.

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