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Exhibition of artistic cold steel “Magic of blade”

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August, 20 the exhibition of artly designed weapon «Magic of blade» from collection of the artistic association «the Guild of Armourers» (Moscow) was opened in Museum and exhibition small arms complex of M.T. Kalashnikov. Visitors of the museum will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the magnificent author’s works executed in the single copy.

The exhibition shows more than 80 unique samples of a cold steel: the hunting knifes, daggers, dirks, Japanese swords, stylets, etc. Artistic weapon is the collecting subject, many works presented at an exhibition, are in private collections.

Modern artists and masters revived ancient technologies, legendary Damask steel. The visitor will see a variety of forms, materials and technologies, will get acquainted with individual creativity of the glorified masters.

Creating of the art weapon is the whole art.

Unique ideas of author, sometimes freakish and bewitching forms, receive the first outlines on a sheet of paper. The weapon is realised, becomes an original work of art with a help of skilful work of masters, only after affirming as sketches, finding clearness.

The cold steel combines noble blade, jewels and precious metals, original art and design ideas.

Surprising expressiveness of image, perfection of lines and forms do not allow to doubt that you see artistic weapon, unique creation which will pass through history peripetias, glorifying greatness and refinement of Russian weapon school.

Each dagger, knife or dirk symbolises the tradition maintained for centuries, great devotion to the weapon craft, months of hard work when any wrong movement spoils the whole piece, hands of gold, big talent and good taste of the true Master. There are force and magic of the weapon in each sample.