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“The Last war of the Russian Empire. Сonfined to the 100 anniversary of World War I”

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  On June 26 at 16.00 opening of the exhibition “The Last War of the Russian Empire”, will take place in M. T. Kalashnikov Museum and exhibition complex of small arms with the assistance of the director and employees of Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps of Saint Petersburg city.

   The exhibition is dated for the 100 anniversary of World War I, it will tell about war’s reasons, a course and results which we shouldn’t forgotten.

    Already at the end of the XIXth century contradiction in Europe disquieted experienced politicians. Growing territorial and political ambitions of Germany and impossibility to satisfy them peacefully told unambiguously about approaching threat. In July, 1914 the confused system of mutual obligations of allies completed business begun by Austro-Hungary and Germany, and great war, unprecedented before became reality.

    The fierce conflict which depleted Europe lasted long four years. During the time which passed from the moment of the beginning before the end of the war, four empires failed, new, close to the  modern world order was established. During the war the monarchy was overthrown and Bolshevist October revolution in Russia happened. Military and economic power of Germany was broken, it was enforced to accept defeat after which it found itself in a rigid vice of obligations.  Humiliating conditions of the Treaty of Versailles generated the revanchist moods which subsequently were skillfully used by A. Hitler.

    Only few soldiers had the luck to return safe. Survived soldiers kept memoirs about what they endured, but what is not less important, they kept the things telling about this war. Museum complex of  M. T. Kalashnikov presents opportunity to see the weapon, equipment and regimentals of English, French, Russian, German, Austrian armies.