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“Idnakar – the heroic capital”

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    On May 18 at 14:00 the Idnakar — the heroic сapital exhibition opened in Small arms museum and exhibition complex of M. T. Kalashnikov. This exhibition continues a series of the exhibitions “Weapon and Civilization” representing development of humanity through weapon technologies which  accustom and develop in various spheres of activity of society in the subsequent.

    The new exhibition is based on archaeological materials of the historical and cultural memorial estate of the Udmurt Republic “Idnakar” and the Udmurt institute of history, language and literature of Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences..

    Idnakar is the legendary medieval ancient settlement known not only in Udmurtia, but also in all Finno-Ugric world.  As a result of long-term researches the huge material is saved up, this material allows to say that Idnakar was agrarian and craft, military and defensive, public and administrative center of ethno-social community of northern Udmurts. It is confirmed by high level of processing methods of metal, wood, bone, which ancient Udmurts widely used for production of the weapon, house utensils, agricultural tools, jewelry.

    Many legends are connected with this monument, many of which begin with the hero Donda. “Ten centuries ago … Udmurt hero Donda chose the Soldyrsky mountain for life, he lodged there together with sons, Idna and Gurya… “.

   The maintenance of an exhibition is presented in an image of the national epos, such plot is promoted also by an artistic image of the exhibition, its subject set: bone and iron pikes, swords, battle-axes, missile spheres, chain armor, hammers, knifes, scythes, pincers, belt pendants  and other subjects of hero’s equipment and house stock. 

    Many exhibits are connected with the mythemes reflecting idea of the ancient person about world around and expressed in signs, symbols the images used in decoration of the weapon, horse harness, decoration of various pendant, combs, belt and breast onlays. The person idolized the natural powers which demonstration he couldn’t explain therefore, often, subjects decorated in such way were  charms at the same time.

    Skill of clever and talented masters of Idna attracts and bewitches, and leaves nobody indifferent.

   It will be interesting  both for adults, and children, and experts in the field of archeology and study of local lore, and for people who are interested in history of Russia to plunge into the legendary world of great riddles of the hero Idna, to slightly open secrets of ancient Udmurts.

    We invite to visit an exhibition! ! !