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Exhibition “SVD. The Russian legend”

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20.02.2013 — 11.06.2013

Development of sniper rifle of Dragunov became a new step in creation of the weapon of the snipers which meets the requirements of conduct of combat of the post-war period – high reliability, accuracy, rate of fire. Presented to attention of visitors the self-loading prototype of Dragunov (SSV-58) showed results on grouping of shots better, than sniper rifle of Mosin with a manual  reloading on the first tests. The result of work of the most talented armorer E. Dragunov and group of weapon designers of the Izhevsk machine-building factory is sample which received the name SVD.


The unique design of SVD was used more than once by weapon designers in attempts of creation of other weapon samples demanding good accuracy of firing. At an exposition there are prototype models and experimental samples of weapon designers of the Izhevsk machine-building factory, created for the purpose of improvement of fighting qualities and manufacturing techniques on the basis of Dragunov’s rifle during the Soviet period.

The visitor of an exhibition will be able to see the rifles of the foreign states created on the basis of SVD and with use of elements of its design, to compare our “sniper rifle” to foreign self-loading rifles, to get to know history of appearance of a rifle of Dragunov with folding butt stock.


The sniper rifles with magazine case and self-loading sniper rifles developed by the representatives of the Izhevsk weapon school in the end of the nineties – the beginning of the 2000th are also presented at an exhibition. These samples were created taking into account change of tactics of conducting of modern combat and threat of acts of terrorism, improvement of means of individual protection of fighters.


Exhibition “SVD. The Russian legend” will be opened for the visitors till the middle of May, 2013.