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Exhibition “Born in 1942…”

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  This exhibition is the result of 7-year-term collaboration between the plant and the Museum Complex in the sphere of creation of small arms exhibitions and different thematic events.

The exhibition “Born in 1942…” represents the history of the Izhevsk mechanical plant, its people’s destiny, the history of production of different samples of small arms.

The exhibition exposes the main stages of arms production at the mechanical plant since the time of its foundation in 1942 till present day. The exhibition contains more than 100 items, that are the most significant for the history of the plant, from the arms of our grandfathers, Tokarev and Nagan pistols, to a modern Yarigin pistol, sports and training rifles, antitank guns and missiles.

Personal belongings of workers open the most interesting pages of the plant history. Among them there are the belongings of the designers of hunter’s arms, N. Izmetinski, V. Ivanov, V. Mulin, V. Votyakov; the designers of war, service and sports arms, G. Protopopov, B. Pletski, V. Yarygin, V. Cherepanov, G. Romanov; the creators of highly artistic arms and small arms in miniature.

One can also see things like a unique engraved gun made by Leonard Vasev with the use of his technique “Moroz”(“Frost”). It repeats frosty patterns on the metal surface. There is also a miniature of a gun by Yevgeniy Gubin, a projector given to Vladimir Ivanov by German gunsmiths for his help in the organization of Makarov pistol production.

The exhibition will be open till October 2012.

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