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Exhibition «The way to success»

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18.10.2011 — 29.02.2012

The exhibition was created in the cooperation of our museum and and designers from Izhmash and Izhmech, the famous Izhevsk weapon plants.
Weapon designers  who created the weapon samples and whose experience enriched design thought of Izhevsk weapon school the opening ceremony. Vladimir Yarygin, Mikhail Dragunov and Alexey Dragunov are the most known among them.
The exhibition “The way to success” acquaints visitors with experimental samples of light assault rifles (LA), created by young designers of sixties, models for a caseless cartridge and arrow-shaped bullet. Besides, the exhibition provides the models created during different military competitions like «Flazhok», «Finval», «Abakan» etc. «The way to success» counts over 40 items.