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Y.Maslyukov. Engineer. Professional. Citizen

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22.04.2011 — 31.05.2011

       The whole country knows Yuri Dmitrievich Maslyukov not only as a credible politician, who made a significant contribution to the development of Russian state and the Udmurt Republic, but also as a remarkable man who left an imprint on the hearts of many people.

      Intelligent, responsible, strong-willed professional – Maslyukov, coordinated by an important military-technical program of the country by implementing innovative technologies in the defense industry.

  The exhibition shows the main stages of a career of Yuri Dmitrievich Maslyukov: INIT engineer, chief engineer of the Izhevsk car factory, the Deputy Minister of Defence Industry of the USSR, the chairman of Gosplan, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Soviet Union, deputy prime minister in the government of Primakov.

     The exhibition includes exclusive exhibits connected with his biography – it’s photos, awards, documents – some hundreds of items which carries the memory and history.The exhibition works until the end of August 2011.