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Exhibition «Udmurtia in the space orbits»

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06.04.2011 — 30.11.2011

Exhibition throws light upon theme which has been “classified” for a long time and not mentioned in the media. Now the visitors had an opportunity to learn about the types of production  of space-related industry in Udmurt Republic plants.

       In the sportlight of exhibition four enterprises of the Udmurt Republic. The “Pioneer” in the development of production for the Cosmos became the Izhevsk Motor Plant. Since 1958, it manufactured elektromodeliruyuschih stations Elektron, which allowed to calculate the processes of creating and launching the spacecraft. Three years later, manufacturing complex equipment for the space has been started at the Izhevsk Radio Works.

       Now these two companies became industrial giants of the space industry and part of the Russian Federal Space Agency. Among the museum pieces you can see the ground and airborne telemetry systems devices . The first of them mounted on the main cosmodromes and rocket test sites, including the Baikonur and Kapustin Yar, research facilities and naval vessels of the Academy of Sciences of USSA. A great number of the largest space project objects were equipped with the on-board telemetry from Izhevsk enterprises. Among them: the Vostok, Voskhod, Soyuz, Progress, Proton, Angara, “Buran-Energia, the orbital station” Mir “,” Alpha “, civil and military satellites.

       Much attention devoted to the exposure of satellite communications. Undoubted successes in this area scored Izhevsk Radio Plant. Its devices enable the creation of local networks for data transmission, high-speed Internet, telephone and facsimile connections, audio-conferencing, radio navigation systems GLONASS, GPS, SBAS.

        Another company in exhibition is Votkinsk factory. The first steps in developing products for the space industry were made in 1990, began the production of missile complex “Start”. It is designed for launching small satellites including commercial orders from foreign countries.

        Nearly related to the conquest of human space exploration refers one of the oldest factories of Udmurtia – Izhstal. Visitor to the exhibition learn that high-strength steel  is used for manufacture parts of jet engines, on-board equipment of satellites and rockets.

         The he history of astronaut – dog Zvezdochka (the little star) is of interest, the flight which was the measure of willingness to send man into space. Search operation of unit landed carried the Izhevsk pilot Lev Okkelman.

          In whole the exhibition open to visitors a little spring-water edge in the new party to tell us about its important role in strengthening the power of Russia not only on Earth but in outer space.  The exposition works until the end of August 2011.