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Exhibition "AN-94 "Abakan": superiority weapon"

22.06.2017 — 20.08.2017

Experimental assault rifles of the best Russian armorers from cities of Tula, Klimovsk and Izhevsk. Not remarkable river "Abakan" in Khakassia gave the name to competition for creating assault rifle, which was carried out in the begining of eighties years.

Exhibition "North American Indians. Myths and reality"

18.05.2017 — 03.09.2017

Exhibition "North American Indians. Myths and reality" will tell everything about legendary Indians of prairies. Chingachguk, tipi, tomahawk, Iroquois, pipe of peace, prairies … Of course, all this is about legendary Indians! The unique collection collected by the collector artist I. Gurov is presented to attention of visitors. The military and ritual clothes of representatives of Indian tribes of the XIX beginning of the 20th centuries, traditional weapon, men's and women's suits from leather and feathers embroidered by needles of a porcupine and beads, children's toys and objects of shaman cults. The collection is accompanied by a large number of historical photos. Guests of the exhibition can keep in thier hands the objects made by Indians and to visit the real Indian dwelling - tipi! The culture of cowboys of the Wild West is presented. The exhibition will work till September 3, 2017.