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Pneumatic and Crossbow Shooting Gallery

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The Shooting Gallery uses the latest achievements of multimedia computer games, as well as experience and shooting regulations of pneumatic shooting galleries. The shooting coach can make the shooting tasks easier or more difficult depending on the shooters’ training by varying the speed of moving targets, picture size, and the number of targets.

Each shooting result is entered into computer and saved in the database.

Gun Type Price of a shot, rub.
MP-654 Makarov pistol 5.0
MP-651K Repeating CO2 Modular Pistol 5.0
MP-655 Yarygin pistol "Viking" 5.0
“Yunker” (Kalashnikov assault rifle) 5.0
MP-661K (“Drozd” Automatic CO2 Pistol) 5.0
PPSh-M (Shpagin submachine gun) 5.0
Izh-60 (air rifle) 5.0
MP-512 (air rifle) 5.0
Crossbow 20.0
Bow 20.0
The main difference between the Shooting Gallery and laser and other imitators lies in shooting from pneumatic weapons with real bullets.