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Firearms Shooting Gallery

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Firearms shooting gallery

The firearms shooting gallery provides an opportunity to acquire shooting skills from short- and long-barreled weapons in combat simulation environment. There is a large selection of firearms samples offered in the shooting gallery: from the Mosin carbine to modern Russian and foreign weapons. Shooting distance varies from 50 meters for long-barreled weapons to 15-25 meters for short-barreled ones. Target shooting is performed from three locations.

The firearms shooting gallery is modernly equipped: instead of conventional targets a screen made from wear-resistant self-tightening material is installed. Video projection equipment generates images of targets and projects them on the screen. When a bullet hits the screen the system fixes the location of the hit and transmits its coordinates to the computer of the shooting supervisor and on the shooter’s screen. Shooters can see their targets and the results of shooting on the screen. The mobility of the shooting locations allows firing from any line within the premises of the shooting gallery.

The results can be printed out. This complex allows you to conduct shooting training as well as simulate various combat situations. The shooting gallery provides an opportunity to organize training courses for students of educational institutions as well as various competitions.

Please note that it is possible to visit the firearms shooting gallery only if you have a passport and a driver’s license.

The shooting gallery workers are empowered to refuse reception without giving a reason.



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